Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nantu adu heegoo untu

I’m not a big fan of plays and I generally keep my distance from Kannada plays in particular. However, my wife pestered me sufficiently to attend a play with her at RangaShankara – Nantu adu heegoo unte?

Directed by Bhargavi Narayan, the play is a funny take on the travails of marriage. Sheela and Shankar, a couple married for many years are separated and close to finalizing their divorce. Shankar also has a new fiance, Seema, a flirtatious, shopaholic daughter of a real-estate baron, who is many years younger than him. Shankar is a director who hasn’t met with much success because he refuses to appeal to the mass market of television serials. Vinay, their mutual friend and Shankar’s accountant invites Sheela to Shankar’s house to resolve tax issues. Thrown into the mix is Shankar’s friend and former cricketer Shamir, a playboy and wannabe actor.

What happens in the melee? Bhargavi Narayan directs a gripping and funny play that illustrates some of the common mistakes couples make in a marriage – lack of communication, lack of appreciation, and couples not investing time in their relationships.

Watch it. It is one hundred rupees (and more importantly, one and half hours) well spent.