Friday, September 16, 2005

Sir M.V

For those who are from Karnataka, the letters M.V, particularly when prefixed with "Sir" mean only one thing - Sir. Mokshagundam Vishveshvarayya (or Visvesvaraya, as Bangalore University likes to spell it). Yesterday was the 144th birth anniversary of Sir M.V. This post is a personal "Thank you" to the man who
  • Built the K.R.S dam
  • Brought electricity to Bangalore
  • Started Mysore University
  • Created U.V.C.E (started as a Mechanical Engg. school)
  • Influential in starting the State Bank of Mysore
  • and so on and so forth...

Sir MV was known for his discipline, punctuality, honesty, work ethic, and probably every positive adjective that you can think of. Extremely quality conscious, he is said to have checked every pillar and beam that went into the Kannambadi dam. A brilliant engineer, he is said to have exclaimed "what a waste of energy!" when he saw the gushing waters of the Jog Falls. Honest to a fault, he is said to have turned off the 'state-supplied' candle and used his own when he finished work and was handling personal correspondence. It is officials like him that gave Mysore state the sobriquet 'Model State' in the early-late 40s.

As the poet said..."Jaane kahan gaye voh (din) log?"

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wah Sania

Being one of the more tricolourly inclined, Sania Mirza's performance over the last one week (indeed, over the past one year) has made me proud. She portrays a great image of the young Indian woman - smart, aggresive, one focused on her goals. Not to mention what a role model she is for women in general and Muslim women in particular. And she is a great advertisement for India, far better than any "India Shining" campaign.

True, she lost quite badly to Sharapova, but hey, this is just her first US Open. A few years down the line, and I am sure we'll see a better contest.

Here is hoping that we see more Sanias, Rajyavardhans and Anju Bobby Georges.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Bangalore is surely a funny name for a city, ain't it? But in the new dispensation, the city has been living up to its name...Ban - galore. Ban traffic in the city centre, Ban private vehicles from taking children to schools, Ban cellphones in colleges, Ban dance bars, Ban this, Ban that.

But, don't ban corruption, don't ban potholes, don't ban polluters, don't ban anything that would actually make the citizen's life a little better.