Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wah Sania

Being one of the more tricolourly inclined, Sania Mirza's performance over the last one week (indeed, over the past one year) has made me proud. She portrays a great image of the young Indian woman - smart, aggresive, one focused on her goals. Not to mention what a role model she is for women in general and Muslim women in particular. And she is a great advertisement for India, far better than any "India Shining" campaign.

True, she lost quite badly to Sharapova, but hey, this is just her first US Open. A few years down the line, and I am sure we'll see a better contest.

Here is hoping that we see more Sanias, Rajyavardhans and Anju Bobby Georges.


Balbir Singh said...

Actually, I think she commits too many mistakes (double faults and single faults). In the world of tennis, the young players are supposed to be their best at her age and peak out in the next 3-4 years.

Don't get me wrong, I think she is good, but I do not see her ranking climb beyond 30.

H said...

I watched the last match between Sania and Sherapova.
As Balbir pointed out , too many unforced errors.
The second serve was very weak and very predictable.

But yes, she has lots of confidence.

NGM said...

But she has done one thing: Got the Indian teens intrested in Tennis apart from cricket, which is good thing

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with all of you. Yes, she does have a lot of confidence - and she is a great advertisement! I am surprised by the level of mistakes, though. I had seen couple of her matches when she played in India, and in that she was awesome!

And Ballu, even if she gets to 30, which I think she will quite soon, it is still an acheivement, if you consider the number of Indians or even Asians that have made it to the tier.


Balbir Singh said...

I agree 30 is very good and inspiring for other people playing tennis, they would want to do better than 30.