Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Bangalore is surely a funny name for a city, ain't it? But in the new dispensation, the city has been living up to its name...Ban - galore. Ban traffic in the city centre, Ban private vehicles from taking children to schools, Ban cellphones in colleges, Ban dance bars, Ban this, Ban that.

But, don't ban corruption, don't ban potholes, don't ban polluters, don't ban anything that would actually make the citizen's life a little better.


Balbir Singh said...

Hey, how about cable, the operators just banned cable for Ban-galore.

But I understand your frustation as well, you could channel it better.

But I find you very pessimistic, you need to be a bit more hopeful about things :-)

Gops said...


As I've mentioned earlier, both in person and otherwise, I am only a realist. I am realistic about what can be done - but I cannot tolerate incompetence, that too of the political kind. In any case, what matters are the facts. Is my post factually incorrect?

I am only saying what is true, aren't I?

Again, no, I don't see any hope, not until our kind of polity remains.