Thursday, April 07, 2005

How do you know that the Congress is back in power?

Well, the answer is simple -
A) The contractors are happy
B) The naxals are happy
C) The Income-tax/excise/customs officers are happy
D) The terrorists are happy
E) The "Family" is happy
F) The JNU-types are happy

... and so on and so forth.
So, who is unhappy? The poor thing called the "common man". Indeed, "Congress ka haath, aam aadmi ko laath"

BTW, a question (more like a no-brainer): If 'con' is the opposite of 'pro', what is the opposite of Progress?


Ananda said...

Why not common man's happy
Before I begin, let me tell you that I am not a supporter of congress. Don't you think that this is all what is needed - peace across nation. Every one being happy :)

Balbir Singh said...

Well, the stock market is at the highest. Congress introduced the first set of reforms in India. BJP did a U-turn on Swadeshi, seem to fight among themselves, when they run out of issues -- they go back to Ayodhya. The RSS hates the leadership. I am not pro/anti congress, but at this point we do not have an alternative.

H said...

Gops, came to know about your blog thro Prasanna.

Cannot comment much on the Central Govt or the "dynasty", but Bangalore had definitely deteriorated. Chaotic traffic, overnight oneways, Pollution, crumbling infrastructure etc.., all these I had read it elsewhere, but seeing it firsthand is a different experience altogether.

Things were getting better during the earlier Govt, but I think the priorities are different for this State Govt.

kattricker said...

Hey Gops, nice to know all you guys blog. I have no comments on your blog except I thought it was a coalition state government with Congress and JD! well, it doesnt matter anyway, I dont have hope on government or the lack of it. It looks like you are back to your negative blogging (I like it however!).