Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Three stupid words any programmer can utter

No, not "I love you"...if that is what some of you were expecting.
The three words are - "I know C++"

Disclaimer - This does not apply if you are Stroustrup, Lippmann, Coplien, Vijayan, or anybody else who really knows C++.


H said...

C++ is bulky and complex and most of the features are not used or maybe not needed for most of the projects which are undertaken.

Have you explored C#, I heard it has the best of C++ and Java worlds with some features from Perl thrown in ?

Gops said...

C++ is as bulky and complex as you want it to be. It is probably the only language (other than python) that supports with some degree of ease, imperative, object-oriented and functional programming styles. C# seems to be nothing but Java after Microsoft did it in.

Shiva said...


I landed up in your blog while searching for Vijayan's contact details. I'm working for Ericsson in Chennai and am trying to get Vijayan's contact details for arranging a training programme on C++ and OOAD in my company. If you happen to have them, could you pass them on to me?

PS: I might be mistaken, but do you have a friend/classmate called Sathyanarayanan J?

Gops said...

Hi Shiva,

No, unfortunately, I don't have Vijayan's contact details. And yes, I do have a classmate by name Sathya - Sathyanarayanan J :) How did you know?

Have we met before?