Saturday, November 26, 2005

Vikram, on TV?

One (dis)advantage of coming here to the US is that I get to watch reruns and reruns of old shows like Friends, Frasier, Raymond and the like. In all of these, I keep a watch for anything Indian (South Asian). Seinfeld had an Indian wedding and a Pakistani restauranteer, Simpsons had an Indian grocer, but there weren't many others.

But, I was watching Friends today, and Ross makes up a boyfriend for Phoebe to convince Mike that she has been in an long-term relationship before. And what is his name? Vikram! Or Vikram Mookherjee, as Phoebe calls him - a smooth-talking kite designer.

Nice. Any others you guys are aware of?


Balbir Singh said...

Yes, I remember Vikram from friends, Ross tries to put up an Indian accent without too much success. Vikram is supposed to be Phoebe's false fiance whom she broke up with before meeting Mike.

I remember friends so well, so I get carried away :-)

Gops said...

True...that was fun, no?

Balbir Singh said...

Yes, it was. But what I find interesting is the Indian characters in American television and cinema. Usually, they have an accent which is so not Indian.

They are either store keepers, resturant owners or really smart people. I think we need a new break-through with our image in America -- that is of normal people :-)

kattricker said...

I remember Ashok or rather "Asok" from Gilbert!

gops said...


You mean Dilbert... :)
Yep, Asok was awesome!

H said...
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H said...

There were some Indians on Apprentice. One was a Raj and the other I missed guess she was Toral Mehta. Raj was quite a character.

Saw one Desi Kal Penn in a movie .

(Deleted the previous comment due to typos)

Gops said...

Yep, thatz right Harsha...I loved the Apprentice - like the authority with which Trump says "You'r fired!"