Sunday, March 05, 2006

The first blooms of Spring

The thing I miss the most about not being in the US is the change of weather. I simply loved the change of colours in the fall, the dreary dry branches of January, and most of all, the first leaves and grass sprouts in Spring. It was as if the Earth was renewing herself, in all her magnificence. Of course, this also had other consequences - which my friend jokingly called "Spring fever", but let's not go there now :)

All of which is something I never got to see in Bangalore. This year however, thanks to the unprecendented rainfall and cold during last winter, many trees near my place had shed their leaves - and when I returned from Kansas City, all that greeted me were dry twigs. And after the rains the day before, the tree has sprouted leaves again - renewal greeting me in the morning! What a spectacular sight!

While on the topic, some of my friends have remarked that I am all logic and no feeling. Boy! has _that_ hurt!? Why is it that if you appreciate the fact it is chlorophyll that gives leaves their colour, you are branded as someone who can't appreciate the One's talent in creating it? I guess I simply can't get over my typecasting issues!!! :D

Anyway, read this for some old opinions on a similar topic.


What Is Solar Energy said...
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kattricker said...

Regarding the remarks, I guess there is no better analogy to that than "Creation" Vs "Evolution" theories.

In fact I was watching a news channel about a disagreement between educationists in introducing only the Darwin's theories for children in the US. They were aghast over why the "Creation" and the "Creator" theories were left out. If you ask me, this is the Church's self imposing act!

gishroad said...

Gops - maybe a little praise for the "cafechino" girls will take you from "all logic, no feeling" brand to a "all feeling, no logic" brand.. lol..

I love the winter and fall in the bay area.. because it the time of the year that I used to enjoy most when I was in bangalore.. the smell of mud just after rains stop.. those bike rides on the in-roads of rajajinagar after rainfall.. love them.. here too, during the same season, the mountains are so green, the light is so nice, its just lovely.. wonder why the westerners go ga-ga over summer..

gops said...

Heh heh...
Well said Girish :) Maybe I should do that.