Saturday, August 05, 2006

In love

Folks, I know this may come as a surprise to many of you, but it is about time I told this out in public. Yes, I am in love. Desperately in love. The 'object' of my affection stays near my place - she is a beaut, if you know what I am talking about.

When it comes to looks, there are few of her kind that can even hold a candle to her. She's so cool that she makes the Arctic Circle feel like a sun tan joint. She's so hot that she can melt your heart. Not just that, she has this amazing purr in her voice - which is simply to die for. She's got amazing brain-power for someone who looks like her, and not just that, she's low maintenance. Well, not absolutely, but relatively. On the outside, she's as tough as steel, but on the inside, she is one soft, sweet thing. Well, I could go on and on about how well she handles the rough roads of life, but I'll simply be making you guys jealous. So, let me desist.
Ever since she's come into my life, my travails have morphed into fun. Her smooth voice humming in my ear, I've been able to take on some of the most tight situations in life. She's with me almost everywhere I go, and when I don't take her along, she doesn't complain. A nice word is all she asks for - she's more than happy to let bygones be bygones when she gets it. She has also adjusted remarkably well with my family - they all love her, and in particular, my nephews just can't get enough of her.
So who is she? It sure was tough getting her to agree, but I've posted her photo on my website - go check her out.


gishroad said...

gops.. i figured man.. when you said "in my travels", it immediately lets the cat out of the bag.. anyways, great to hear that you are enjoying your car! :-)

Gops said...

Thanks Girish!

You know what, I made a small change to my post to fix the "cat out of the bag" situation :)

H said...

Nice one :) , Been to any long drives with your love ;) ?

kattricker said...

OK... we'd like to see your second love's blog soon Gops! And it better not nose dive like this one ;)!
Congrats pal!! - isnt it the new Swift? Why dont you send its vital-statistics?

Gops said...


Calm down...the second love will take her own time in coming :) And when she does (or rather, if she does), you'll be among the first to know! :) And unfortunately, no long drives with the Swift yet - no company! :)

And the vitals of Swift - 1.3L aluminium engine, 87bhp, 5-speed manual, Max 160kmph, power everything, ABS, EBD, Airbags, Climate control, rear-defogger, rear-wiper, fog lamps, e.t.c...for around 5.85L on road.

kattricker said...

Airbags??!! Now thats what I call unprecedented... so did maruti and the automobile community finally realise that the lives of Indians are probably worthy of saving?!

Whats EBD?

Gops said...


EBD is Electronic Brake Distribution - like ABS prevents locking, EBD ensures that the force of braking is distributed to all tyres, preventing, say the back wheels from stopping before the front tyres do...

Yeah, now ABS is standard in Wagon-R's top-end model too - I think Maruti introduced it as an experiment - from what I can see, it has been quite successful considering the number of Swift top-end models that were sold.