Monday, October 22, 2007

Carbon dating.

Recently, I've been reading a lot of books on evolution, and carbon dating is one topic that occurs every now and then. So influenced have I been by the process that I had to put it down in some form. Here goes:

BTW, the tagline for it is: I feel I've known you for a million years!!!


sandeep said...

wow!! i didn't know you draw so well, besides all the creativity. the tagline is really good.

Saaveri... said...

excellent blog Gopal,am using your blog to get some gud books on some subjects which interest me as well. btw what is with Forty two ?? not sure abt that one.. pls enlighten..
-rekha vallam

Anonymous said...

:)) Hydrocarbon-dating. That IS a first. :]

Instead of the benzene-ring, what if you'd gone with the sp3 bonding structure?

/ | \
C | C

"I feel I've known you for a million years!!!"?
Well, diamonds *are* forever.


Anonymous said...

(P.S. Trust Blogger to mess up my formatting. *Sigh*)

Gops said...
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Gops said...

Sandeeep, rekha - thanks!

Mithun, I wanted to - I wanted to draw diamonds :) But this seems to be the first image that gets in people's heads when they hear Carbon - so I went with it. (It takes me atleast a minute to re-realize that diamonds _are_ made of Carbon!)

Sunil said...

Gops, the drawing is excellent. BTW, who's sitting with you at the table?

Abhi said...

Hey Gops,

Never knew that you could draw so well!!

Great going :)

Gops said...

Su, Abhi

Su, Your guess is as good as mine :)

Anonymous said...

The LOVE....
I have come out of the closet for you, oh Carbon, we are not postive or negative ions - our bond is covalent

We sparkle together - diamonds are forever

Half my life I knew you as Carbon - Now you are Nitrogen

kattricker said...

hahahahahahahaha... fantastic!! i noticed that one of them is larger than the other - pure illusion!

rekha u will find what u r looking for in "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"!

Gops said...

Thanks Karthi :)

H said...

Gops, nice post :)