Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Google OS.

It is so gratifying when a prediction you make comes true (or nearly true). Internetnews says that Google is hiding OS signatures for packets coming out of Wonder why. Remember though, that you heard it first here, a few months ago, when I'd speculated that the ultimate Google weapon against Microsoft would be a Google OS - this report says that they may actually be working on one, even as we speak!


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kattricker said...

gops, long time no blog-reply... here goes. i am kinda thinking why wud google brains block the user agent instead of masking it as linux or windows? if they could block it might as well have masqueraded it. now, next thinking is why shud google come up with an OS??!! when all the time they have been preaching network is the OS - the open network OS of http and xml etc... which is what propelled them coz they were open!! anyway :)... how are you pal?