Monday, September 10, 2012

A f’cking crazy country

Going by the recent controversies over cartoons in India, one might think that the Lashkar is misguided in training armed militia to fight against the country. After all, if a cartoonist can be so dangerous that he is charged under the same section as Ajmal Kasab, all the Lashkar has to do is train sufficient militants in cartooning skills and it can take over the country!

Goddamn f’cking state.

But what pisses me off is how stupid the judge should be to admit the charge instead of throwing it out and charging the cops with unlawful arrest. Or how stupid one of our national icons Mr. Narayana Murthy is, that he is proud of Mania’s+ record in protecting free speech!? Or how stupid is the compere on a national channel who cannot differentiate between a charge of sedition and the decision of the National Broadcasting Association not to show the offending cartoons?

God save this country. But no, he cannot either. Just an express train ride on the way to total doom. Folks, if you have a chance, get out of his hell hole while you still can.

+Mania = Ma(n Mohan) + (So)nia

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Anonymous said...

Timely angst.