Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why I won't vote for Narendra Modi and the BJP

I'm a fairly political person and follow Indian politics with some vigour. For a while now, I was sure I'm going to vote for Narendra Modi and the BJP. At the same time however, I believe in Bayesian Inference and the need to update beliefs based on new evidence. And boy, has there been new evidence!? So many of my friends on facebook, particularly those who have no clue about India have become Indian political commentators. Then you have the patriotic, secular TV channels which have been blaring threats that face the nation. Add to it sundry activists and the India loving foreign media that implored Indians to make the right choice. Faced with such overwhelming odds, my Bayesian Inference engine had no choice but to reverse my original belief. And in the interests of Indian polity, I decided to share this evidence with you all, so that you too might make an informed decision on April 17th (or the day your elections are going to be conducted). So, here goes:

  • He personally massacred Muslims in Gujarat:

  • He failed the skull cap test of secularism, not realizing that all true Muslims wear the skull cap:

  • He wasn't born in a royal family; so ruling India isn't his birth right

  • Potholes on Gujarat's roads rival lunar craters while Karnataka roads are like Hemamalini's cheeks: 

  • Gujarat farmers are committing suicides in droves

  • The Narmada river being diverted has made Gujarat a desert

  • His brother-in-law did not make millions in dubious land deals 

  • He is anti-women, as evidenced by his fake marriage(s)

  • and by his comments on rape:

  • He is a tyrant and will become India's Hitler

  • He has lowered the level of the political discourse:

  • He made India a police state by attacking unarmed protesters 

    • He slept while his cabinet ministers looted the country 

    I hope this convinces you why I intend to vote against Modi. Please add any additional reasons why I shouldn't vote for the BJP and Narendra Modi.


    Anonymous said...

    Well Said :)
    Reading the title I was taken aback :) But I appreciate your sarcastic view

    Kiran said...

    Well said! But, please change the title to make it look sarcastic -- may be, suffix with a ';-P'

    Gops said...

    Thanks guys!
    Kiran, that would prematurely reveal the sarcasm...

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