Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Fanaa controversy

I am no fan of Aamir Khan (I do like many of his movies, though), and I thought that his intervention in the NBA agitation was rather poorly scripted. Still, I can't help but condemn the BJP government's attitude towards Fanaa. Whatever Aamir Khan said was well within his rights as a citizen. And if someone had a problem with it, he has every right to: a) boycott Aamir Khan movies (b) promote his point-of-view non-violently, and (c) go to court. No one though, has the right to enforce a ban on the movie. No one has the right to prevent its screening, and for gods' sake, no one has the right to threaten theatres against screening the movie.

But what we saw was the occurrence of all three. And there are in fact people who went on national television calling Aamir names - "enemy of Gujarat", for example.

I was discussing this issue with a friend - someone I respect greatly - and his point was that Aamir should have exercised restraint in whatever he did or said. And that what was happening was essentially his (Aamir's) fault.

In my opinion, it is this attitude that has allowed governments, hooligans (read Rajkumar 'fans'), and plain sickos (read VHP/Bajrang Dal/Muslim Personal Law Board/Christian 'activists') to get away with denying us one of the most fundamental human right - the right to speech and expression.

What is your take?


Balbir Singh said...

I feel that we Indians are too biased, so much so that we tend to forget the principle of righteousness. Our morals are driven by our bias and our emotions.

If I support a party X, then I tend to support all actions of party X. We need to learn that thats plain wrong. Most of us forget our morals and expect guidance from the people who lead us (read mob mentality).

I think its time, we opposed what we saw as wrong, guided by our own morals, free of our emotions. New India will need us to do so.

The correct way to deal with wrong things is to remain on the right path.

Prad said...

I think this has been the problem with every government that has come into power. It has always been driven by its "hidden" agenda and what's "beneficial" to them.

So, what does a normal citizen do to preserve the RIGHT OF SPEECH?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, Ballu.
Likewise, Prad. The only agenda for these guys has been to stick on to power at all costs, in the process destroy the country.


kattricker said...

I agree with Ballu. It seems like we have to swing one way or another to the extreme - good or bad. Even in everyday life, when for instance we meet a new friend, we have to make an opinion - and it has to be categorical - good or bad. He or she cant be good in some, bad in some, dunno in rest - No!