Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nice guys...

Rahul Dravid is a wuss. I hate to say this, but this unfortunately is a fact. For all his faults, Ganguly knew how to deal with people. Dravid unfortunately, is obsessed with being nice. So much so that he negotiated away with Lara and the match-referee, a wonderful opportunity for India to put Lara out of the series. And to top it off, Sehwag gets fined for 'excessive appealing'!!! Can you believe it!!?

I've always believed that nice guys finish last. No where is it better illustrated in the recent test between India and the West Indies. Lara was way out of line in demanding that Dhoni walk. Dravid should have asked him to shut up first. He thought it was better to declare, rather than waste time, so as a strategy, it is probably OK. What was the need to go to the match-referee and exonerate Lara? Let Lara be dunked a couple of matches - India would have been in a better position to win then. But no, we have to be the nice guys (read fall guys)!

To add injury to insult, Sehwag was fined for excessive appealing. Nice going, Rahul!?


Balbir Singh said...

Couldn't agree more. Rahul should realize that cricket is no longer a gentleman's game. I think Rahul tried to exonerate Lara to show him that cricket can still be played with spirit.

Frankly, when I think of the whole incident

1. Lara goes down in my list of people I like
2. Rahul goes down in my list of people I like as leaders
3. The ICC, I no longer respect as an organization that stands free and fair. Well, I never did. India is one of the largest contributer to ICC, its time we taught ICC what fairness is all about.

Thank god the soccer season is here.

Gops said...

Yep - But I wonder why he was so reluctant to oppose the fine imposed on Sehwag!

I think his leadership sucks. The first thing you do as a leader is back your people - particularly when they're right!

Totally agree about the ICC though. But the Sharad Pawar-led BCCI is more concerned about having its way on everything except player rights.

kattricker said...

I am not a cricket stats buff... but I remember my dad mention that once G.R.Vishwanath as caption over-ruled umpire's decision and called the batsman back to play. If I remember right, it was also the west indies team. And India went on to lose the match. So much for niceties!

Gops said...

Yes, I remember that incident, and according to my bro (who is the cricket buff in my family), in the next inning, the furious 4 bounced even the tailenders in the Indian lineup!

Yeah, so much for being the nice guys...