Saturday, May 21, 2005

Heartening changes in highways

One of the things I got to do recently was to go on a drive beyond Bangalore. One change that gladdened my heart was the new highway from Hebbal onwards. While most of it is under construction, the stretches that are complete are fabulous (if only by Indian standards). While I cannot say much about grade separators, medians, greenery, safety, lanes, and the like, the ride was damn smooth.

See this site (particularly the Indian Highways -II forum) for some snaps...

I'll post more links as and when I can.


kattricker said...

Gops, I noticed that the link to is messing with your side bar. I guess your template is not able to wrap it for lack of spaces. Perhaps you need to use a smaller text and embed the link under.

The link looks like for a very interesting reading. I am right now on dialup (power cut in my cable guy's server!). So will read it when sanity is restored.

Have you been on Tumkur road? Its part of the golden quadrilateral project. Main features are a toll bridge and sub ways for almost every village. Road construction is also decent with 4 lanes in total. Road discipline is what we need however.

H said...

Thanks for the link. Will go over it in more detail when I have some time :).

Karthik, yes I have been on Tumkur road almost a year back. I also saw the surprised look on some people's face when they realized that the bus driver had to pay a toll of Rs 40. But most of them agreed that if the road had to be good , then paying the toll is okay.

Gops said...

Actually, I had been on it a year back (goes to show how little I've been going out lately).

Yep, it sure is great!

Yes, I'll fix the link ASAP. BTW Karthi, why don't you go for BSNL? I am loving it!!! :)

500Rs, 1GB, no deposits, no junk. And guaranteed speed most of the time!

kattricker said...

Yes, with DSL power cut is a non-issue (unless BSNL upgrades their backbone - have heard some speed issues in BSNL). I still have something like 1GB left in my cable (SIFY - not a local guy actually!) for which I paid few grand. I like everything in SIFY - speed I took was 256Kbps, and I usually get around 240Kbps which is reasonable, except I dont like their franchisee model. They make sure their fiber backbone + wireless nodes to local cable guys are all 24x7. They also have a pretty responsive call center. But the last mile is the bottleneck. Besides this is not exactly coax cable - local guy runs metro ethernet. Sometimes he takes it so close to power lines and telephone lines. Its pretty unorganized in the last mile. Stupid SIFY is gonna pay for this in the long run!