Thursday, May 26, 2005

Moneys for Bangalore devp.

Incidentally, ToI reports today that Dharam has sanctioned 135 crores for roadworks and the like in Bangalore. Recently, our Siddu (sic) had sanctioned 300 crores. Now, they are sanctioning 60 crores for desilting storm water drains, and god knows how many crores for the tree massacre that is going on.

In fact, the tree massacre is a great opportunity to make money. So many juicy contracts to hand out - contracts for cutting the tree, for transporting the debris, for replanting new trees...

If you wonder how these guys siphon off money, take a look at Ambedkar Road...recently, near the Indian Express bldg, they repainted the lane markings and zebra, obviously, no one gives contracts to paint half the road and leave the other half - but lo and behold, that is precisely what has happened here! Wish I had a camera to take snaps and post them here - but I don't :(

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kattricker said...

There was a ToI article that read "In Bangalore it drains money and people" or something like that. The Commissioner bureaucrat has an MBA from an Australian university other than IAS! and he blatantly denies anything is wrong with Bangalore's infrastructure. And he says "despite our best search we couldnt find the bodies" so irrelevantly for a question from a journalist "Is it impossible to have a safe accident free monsoon?"