Friday, May 27, 2005

Me and Mozilla

Being in the IT industry, I obviously have many 'geek' friends, most of whom use Mozilla. Naturally, every one of them has been hounding me to use Mozilla, asking me to use a 'real browser', to stop supporting rich fat capitalist companies, and to desist from encouraging the big scourge - Microsoft. [Note the absence of quotes everywhere except 'real browser']

I've tried using Mozilla twice - once on my Windows XP system and another time on Windows 2000. While the bells and whistles are great, I haven't found that Mozilla is any more stable than IE. Furthermore, and this really irritates me, our intranet home page does not open with Mozilla, nor do many sites that use ASP. So, my question is - if a browser does not open your favourite website, what do you do? Change the browser, or stop visiting the website?

Now you know why dreams of Linux conquering the desktop world will remain just that - a dream.


kattricker said...

Gops, I think you should try Firefox ( For IE fans, I think firefox is a good treat. For one thing, Firefox imports from IE and Netscape (and perhaps other browsers as well). It can import everything from favorites to cookies. So you wont feel any difference. One of the superb features I liked in firefox is "Find". Unlike in IE where you type "Ctrl-F" and deal with an irritable dialog, in Firefox you just start typing your search string (yes its that simple!). You get a small footnote box that resizes your content pane rather than open up a modal dialog that wouldnt go. And firefox searches and highlights your string as you type. I like this the best! I suggest you explore the other features for yourself. I am sure you will like it.

Krish said...

Simple solution:
use the ieview extension :).

Firefox is stable. Never had any problems with my installations and I play around with it a lot.
Another option is Opera. It's a very well designed browser. I keep switching between Opera and Firefox depending on my usage.

Taking a step beyond Mozilla (and Firefox), I have become a regular user of open source software. I spend a lot of time at sourceforge checking out various projects.

My favorites are:
3. PDF Creator
4. Gallery
Check them out :).

Balbir Singh said...

Gops, you had it coming!

Lets wait to compare Firefox and IE7. I think you should wait and use Firefox for a while before jumping to conclusions. IE is good, the problem is that with varying implementations of standards like Javascript and extensions like VBScript, etc; you need to test your web page for compliance. Its remarkable that Firefox has done it! Most people by default check IE for compliance only!

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