Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

I have a few resolutions for this year...
1) To learn a new skill/new facet of a known skill every week
2) To update my blog at least once a week

...and a few more...

What are yours?


H said...

There should be some way of tracking the resolutions :)

and some way of letting only your friends know abt your resolutions. livejournal had a feature where certain posts can be made for friends only and certain posts can be made private.

Balbir Singh said...

I think resolutions are meant to be broken. Along my journey with resolutions, I have found that

1. Resolutions become obsolete
2. Not relevant
3. Too stringent

I like your resolution of updating your blog, since I think that amongst the gang that started blogging (all of us), very few keep it up to date.

Anonymous said...

Harsha, that would be cool, to make messages private - hey, the reason I put the resolutions here is that you guys could track them ;) Well, atleast the blog part :D

Thx Ballu - I do agree...there is only one resolution I made in all these years that I've been able to keep up (atleast substantially). Hopefully, these two will make it a threesome ;)