Sunday, January 01, 2006

The world is flat

I just finished reading "The World is Flat" by Tom Friedman of NYT. Folks, this is another _must_ read book. Friedman talks about what he calls "Globalization 3.0" and how it will bring unprecedented change to our societies. In particular, his 'discovery' that the world is being flattened and his exposition of the 10 flattening forces are very cool. Also amazing is his analysis of India's achievements. Of how no Indian Muslim was found in the al-Qaeda and how empowering democracy and civil liberties are. If you are an Indo-phile, do read this book. And if you don't want to spend the 15-odd dollars for the book, let me know and I'll lend you my copy. :)


H said...

I too went through this book, the book is definitely for Indo-philes. I got the feeling that he is a good story teller, but his book was not well researched

Balbir Singh said...

Gops, please mark the book as borrowed by Balbir - please reserve it for me. Lets try and meet up sometime

Anonymous said...

Sure thing Ballu...
Wanted to meet you last week, but I fell sick (darn cold again).

Why do you think his book wasn't well researched?