Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I told you so

Earlier on my blog, I wrote about the idiocy of the Manmoron Govt in opting to support Shashi Tharoor's nomination for UNSG. Well, this week, the expected happened, and in all probability, it was China that expressed a desire to veto his nomination. Well done, Moron!
Moron has a lot to learn from Laloo about international politics. I remember Laloo's immortal words: "I don't want to be king. I want to be king maker!" (Read with a Bihari accent.) In the world of politics (domestic or international), it is the king maker that has more power, not the king. Think Sonia v/s Manmohan, Left v/s UPA, Jayalalitha v/s Vajpayee first edition, Laloo v/s Deve Gowda and Gujral. How can we expect the 'paavum' (Tamil; innocent) economist to realize this!?
So much for listening to the pinkos, reddies, and nammies.


gishroad said...

hey gops.. read ur blog again after a long time.. enjoyed it thoroughly as usual.. :-)

I see your blog name has changed.. so did you end up finding the significance of the cosmic number 42? :-)

gops said...

Thx kano, Girish!
Yeah, I am a recent entrant to the hitch hiking cosmos - so... :D