Sunday, October 01, 2006

Where is my post?

Did you folks know that you cannot search for posts older than a certain date in Blogger? I was looking for one of my early posts, and the search facility in Blogger was of no help!

I also looked for a feedback link to give them a piece of my mind, but that doesn't seem to be present, either!!!

What is happening, Google!?
(For the skeptics, try this: Search for "Gandhi" in my blog. You'll see one result with the title "Nostalgia updated". Then, go to this link: and you'll see another instance of "Gandhi". Why isn't this shown in the results!? Or why doesn't Blogger come forth and state that posts before a certain date cannot be searched!?


kattricker said...

I think Google's not paying attention to acquired products. Look at how orkut is stiking. Have you tried search in orkut? Its far from what a google search is known for...

Gops said...

That is so true!
I guess this is some space for MS to cash in on Google's laziness! :)